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Why is my water cloudy?


Cloudy water is usually the result of air in the water lines.  If you put cloudy water in a clear glass and watch it for a few minutes, you should see the bubbles rise to the top and disappear


How long do I have to boil water before it is safe to drink?


Water should be boiled for three minutes.


If the water is off for a short time will it damage my water heater?


If there is a check valve installed in your service line as required, then no. If you do not have a check valve installed the water can siphon out the water heater and damage the heating elements.


What is the minimum monthly bill?


The minimum is $24.00


What is the cost for a residential tap installation?


  $1000 Starting July 1, 2024


How do I know if I have a leak?

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Where is my account number on my bill?

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Why can't I pay my bill on mobile device?

You must enable cookies and disable "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking" on iPhones


Where do i connect my service line?

A 3'  "Pig Tail" is left outside of the meter box for the customer to connect to.

Typically 3/4" or 1" IPS (iron pipe size) Click HERE for illustration 

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