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* Access to meters: duly authorized agents of the water company shall have access; at all

    reasonable hours, to the premises of the user for the purpose of installing or removing

    company property, inspecting piping, reading or testing meters or for any other purpose

    in connection with the company’s service and facilities.  We ask that you confine your 

    pet’s a safe distance from the meter, if you have a gate we ask that you provide the

    company with a key.


* It is the customer’s responsibility to monitor their own meter for leaks.  You are respon-

    sible from the meter to your dwelling.  The company will read or estimate your meter for

    billing purposes only.  If you receive a phone call or notice through the mail indicating we perform

    inspections of your water lines this is in no way affiliated with Northwest Regional Water District.      WE DO NOT INSPECT YOUR LINES INSIDE OR OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOME.


* Customers may request a second meter reading if they believe the reading was in error. 

    If the meter reading was read wrong, the company will refigure the water bill at no

    charge.  If the meter reading was read correctly, there will be a service charge accessed

    to your account.


* Bills are due for payment the 10th of each month.  Payments must be received in the

    office by 4:00 p.m. on the due date to avoid paying the “AFTER DUE DATE” amount.  A

    10% penalty will be applied to the current charge if bills are not paid by the due date. 

    Failure to receive a bill or notice shall not prevent them from becoming delinquent nor

    relieve customers from payment. 


* Shut off Policy: Service will be disconnected if not paid when balance forward shows a

    60 day past due amount.  A delinquent notice will be sent to the customer to pay within

    10 days from notice date.  A copy of the notice will also be mailed to the land owner. 

    Service disconnection for nonpayment of bills will be restored only after bills are paid in

    full, and a service charge of $60 is paid for each meter reconnected.


* Leak Policy: In case of a break in the customers water line which is underground or

    occurs in the house, in absence of occupant-a credit will be allowed as follows:  Credit

    will be allowed on the 1st and 2nd months of the leak.  The average water usage for 2

    months will be deducted, then the user will be credited for half of the remaining balance. 

    In the case of negligence such as a hose which is left connected to a faucet and is running

     or ruptures, a commode which continues to run, or other situations that can be avoided-  

    NO CREDIT will be allowed.  All payments on a leak will be applied to any past due amount

    first and a late fee will be applied to the current balance due each month if the account is

    not paid in full.


* Current Charges: Tap fee $1000.00, Reconnect fee $30.00, Delinquent Service fee

    $60.00, Return Check fee $30.00, Service Charge $30.00, Water Rates 0-1,000 gallons

    $24.00, Over 1,000 gallons $1.20 per hundred.

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