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Tampering with a meter in anyway will result in the pulling of the meter from service and any water used must be paid before service is restored.  In addition to a service fee and reconnection fee, it is Company’s right to charge additional fees to the water billing account for the meter, for any damages due to the setter, valve top, removal of lock, or jumper being placed in the meter pit.

Violators may be prosecuted under Ohio Law from the Ohio Revised Code Section 4933.18, which prevents tampering with a water company’s equipment and can carry a fine up to $1,000 and possible imprisonment.  A reconnection to the water service without the consent of the water company is evidence that person in possession or control of the meter has reconnected the meter with intent to commit a theft offense.

Company’s current fees for tampering with a meter:


  • Meter Tampering Fee: tampering of meter in any way to

    prevent an actual reading or produce a false reading                     $200.00

  • Tampering Fee: missing or broken lock                                         $  50.00

  • Tampering Fee: damaged to valve top                                           $200.00

  • Theft of Service Fee: installation of jumper or other devise          $200.00

  • Setter Replacement Fee: due to damage caused by customer        $250.00


    Adopted: January 19, 2016






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